Monday, January 25, 2010

Tony Abbott for President (of Uganda)!

Because he'd fit right in.
Tony Abbott urges women to save their virginity for marriage and reveals mixed feelings about contraception in a new interview.
I could easily do a massive speal on the sheer misogyny and ludicrousness of these beliefs-that a woman's morality is destroyed along with her hymen and that these standards are, as always, not applied to men-but thankfully, I've already made such speals. Even so, another, if shorter, rant is fun.

Tony, fuck you. Fuck you and your 1890s penile-supremest ideology. If you think you can win the women's vote with token gestures such as keeping the 2nd most incompetent woman minister (Kosky being the first) as shadow treasurer, whilst promoting such bollocks, then you give women even less credit than anyone thought. There's a bloody good reason why, as a society, we've moved on from these ideals-because, unlike you, we understand that a woman is more than a set of reproductive organs blessed by some magic Jewish zombie. If you couldn't keep it in your pants when you weren't married, then to expect others to do so is pretty much the shameless hypocrisy I'd expect from you and your medieval ilk.

As Health Minister, you proved incapable of governing without allowing your religious beliefs to interfere with your political decisions, which broke our separation of church and state. I have no doubt that if you were elected, you would further undermine this democratic pillar with abstinence-only indoctrination and erode women's access to reproductive rights. I cannot wait for this year's election; if you thought you've seen a Ruddslide before, the coming avalanche will truly decimate the Liberal Party. And like your God before you, you will bear the responsibility for it.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

The spectacular Massachusetts non-election.

I call it that because, despite being a tremendous win for the Republican Party-winning in one of the Bluest states in the country, where one of the least conservative Congressmen comfortably won for almost 50 years, and which Conservapedia has an entry for-the politics of negotiation in Congress and future policy developments will not change one iota. The Republicans will continue to whine and bitch like the arrogant, born-to-rule hacks they are. And the Democrats will continue to cave into their demands, like the spineless hacks they are.

Obama and the Democrats had a full year of filibuster-proof Congress to pass healthcare reform. Instead, they proved that they are, as a party, gutless on any progressive issues. The healthcare plan by the end was even worse than the status quo, as it forced people into dodgy insurance plans. It was the type of reform one would expect from the GOP. That the Dems have now lost their 60 votes thus means nothing, as it was useless to begin with.

The whole situation makes me even more thankful we have a) preferential voting and b) proportional representation. This means that protest votes can be sent to genuine leftwing parties without aiding the major conservative ones, and that, in a true democracy, all (or at least most) political views get their rightful representation.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hiatus time

It's the time of the year, folks. Tomorrow, I will be spirited away to Fort Lorne, in which I will engage in long-distance fitness, intellectualisation (Thomas Paine, bitches!), cleaning and repairing my barely-functioning Vickers, learning stealth and diversionary tactics, and earning a well-earned brake from the front line.

Anyway, I'd like to show a few photos/paintings of my one and only.

And these...

...are the bastards I'm repairing. I'm still on my first guns, and this is how they repay me. Charlie's gone through 11 sets since his first Pup. If he wasn't winning us the war, I'd shoot down that bloody Haig.