Sunday, December 27, 2009

This is what censorship looks like

Because General Keyboard does it so perfectly, I'll pretty much copy it.

If you want to see Tienanmen Square, click here. If you want to see Tienanmen Square minus the Massacre, click here.

This is also great.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An introduction to Peanuts

Ever since the GrodsSoldier died and the Dogfighter took its place, I've been meaning to show why I meant by 'Peanuts.' Peanuts was a central aspect of my youth. Having inherited many books from General Father and his peers, I progressed into a mildly fanatical die-hard fan, and I am still collecting today. Rather than try to explain what Peanuts is, I'll instead show what it is (when I find some of the flying ace, I'll put them up).

Good memories.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

T to the A to the P: the Michelle edition.

First, there was General Bron's Mr. Obama. For Admiral Phoenix, I have selected for her Mr. John 'The REAL Captain Jack' Barrowman.

If I ever find Anything Goes at the flea market, I'll be sure to buy it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Conversations with a racist

And in which I finally complete my internet persona: Private Tom D. Beagle.*

Thankfully, I have never met any explicitly racist people in person. I see them only in the media outlets, indulging themselves in hatred of the minority of the decade. Most (actually, all) racists are cowards, the type of people who will gleefully assault anybody when their back is turned, but will beg for mercy if the odds ever turn against them. This is by and large a fine thing, because of racists didn’t care for the consequences of their actions there would be a great many more assaults against people of colour and differing cultures.

However, one racist (and most likely neo-Nazi, judging by the anti-Semitism), for reasons entirely unbeknownst to me, decided to contact me over my facebook profile. I don’t know who Mr. ‘Save Your Race’ (his actual facebook name. How that got past the moderators is beyond me) is, and I don’t think I will ever meet him (to my eternal gratitude), but the conversation between us is quite revealing is his paranoia and unshakable belief in his conspiracy theories, and the general snark I direct towards those who I have nothing by total contempt for. All grammar and spelling mistakes are preserved. And yes, those nine words are how he started the conversation.
Mr. Race: your a dickhead. so are you a sheep or a lefty commie

Mr. Beagle: Judging by your name and your terrible grammar, I'd say you're a Klansman?

Mr. Race: Oh yes ... thats right. And judging by your pic you are a nob. Hay lefty we wont forget whom turned on our own culture.

Mr. Beagle: My culture is one of equality, love, acceptance and egalitarianism. Your culture, if your name is anything to by, is one of paranoia, violence, and raw hatred.

Mr. Race: Ok then you are a sheep. With a view that has been taught to you. The movies that lower our morals and the shit fatty food that poisons our race and make it harder for an increasing amount of women to fall pregnant. Do u at least except that the way the white culture is going it wont exist in 50 years depending on were you live in the globe. You talk down to someone you know nothing about, so i would have to assume your the ignorant one. Have not mention violence in anyway. Hatred whom do i hate. People that will over flow my own country with in ten years and leave the white population a minority that will make my family's life very dangerous to live in the area i was born in and grew up in. I’m afraid the day you work out you were wrong your so called friends from different races will show you that all though they benefit more then whites they wont actually practice it them selves. They will in turn however breed huge families and live in ghettos where white people are not safe to go. And leach of the welfare state my white culture has created. Egalitarianism = socialism.

Mr. Beagle: Did you learn all that from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Please tell me what movies lower our morals (let me guess: any film featuring a non-white). As for your 'fast-food outlets are in league with the communists, Jews and race-mixers' conspiracy-in most countries (certainly, in America and to a lesser extend Australia), those most affected by fast-food and obesity are African-American communities. I find in mildly ironic that you say I "talk down" to you, given that you began this conversation with "your [sic] a dickhead".

Regarding multiculturalism and violence; I suggest you go down to Dandenong. You'll see for yourself how "dangerous" it is to live there.
I know paranoia is a hallmark of racism, but I think you've outdone even Hitler's standards. White people are majority in Australia. New Zealand, Canada, America, Britain and all of Western and Eastern Europe. Despite your delusional persecution fantasies, whitefolk are not in a danger of 'dying out' and, judging by our numbers, won't ever be. Your "Egalitarianism = socialism" is hilarious in its ludicrousness. The Tea Party protester have a greater understanding of socialism than you do. Go to a library, borrow a few books on socialism and Marxism, and come back when you have a clue. And on a final note, we have paragraphs, apostrophes and spell check for good reasons. Use them.

Mr. Race: I will make this easy for you to read then. The elders of Zion= Yes i would say it is probably true. Fast food = Rich people who like you have no national interest or even understand the principle of it. They are killing my people just to make money. Communist Jews = look into that. Do you understand how there connected? You’re a sheep that believes in Egalitarianism. Seriously i doubt you will believe that by the time your 50.

Then there is this= Regarding multiculturalism and violence; I suggest you go down to Dandenong. You'll see for yourself how "dangerous" it is to live there. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? What does that mean. You except there are a problem???? Not sure how you see that and don’t get there is a problem. Please don’t waste your time saying its poverty.

Then there is this= I know paranoia is a hallmark of racism, but I think you've outdone even Hitler's standards. White people are majority in Australia. New Zealand, Canada, America, Britain and all of Western and Eastern Europe. Despite your delusional persecution fantasies, white folk are not in a danger of 'dying out' and, judging by our numbers, won't ever be.

That was true 50 years ago. No longer the case. Europe has huge problems with third world immigration. As does Canada and Britain. This comment alone shows how little you know. Its ok i can see you are young but the problem is we don’t have time for sheep like to work it out.

Arab families on average have 7 - 8 kids, Australian beauro of stats will back that as well as 67 percent of Arab man between 18- 65 are on welfare. We on the other hand have 1 2 or 3 at most you do the maths. Then we have white man whom run of with Asian females. That is a huge worry.

Whites have a low birth rate everywhere. It’s the same story worldwide. In Sydney there are suburbs where white were the majority only ten years ago that are now 90 percent ethnics.

And finally you mention my spelling even though you understood every thing i said. First point if im wrong just worry about correcting my way of thinking, the fact that you even attack my spelling and grammar makes you argument look weak.
Not to mention you made an error your self last time lol dickhead. And I left spaces so you had a chance to stop and let your brain catch up.

Mr. Beagle: Thank goodness you've discovered the 'enter' key. Now all you'll need to learn how to use apostrophes, and you'll be well on your way to passing grade 5 english. Zion? Proven forgery. The Bible is more historically accurate. Egalitarianism is a principle of human equality-no doubt you think equality is evil. I never said countries don't have immigration issues-certainly some do (France springs to mind). However, the concept that whitey is going to die out is total paranoia. If you start making claims about statistics, I wouldn't mind a few links (I assume you can copy and paste). As for your 'white boy/asian girl' paranoia, what business is it of yours as to who goes out with who?

Mr. Race: I think its safe to say you agree with me then. You are just too ignorant to realise how bad things are. Sydney will have no white people left there in 20 years time.
I don’t really care if the whole Zion story is true. As i have seen enough of the Zionist movement to know that the whole creating Israel part was true. And the bible is another Jewish movement like all the "ism movements" they created to control us goym or gentiles.

I have nothing against everyone been given a fair chance as long as it’s for my own culture. I don’t want other people from other countries being put first before Aussies. And that is happening all the time. Your whole Egalitarianism principle is a pipe dream. I don’t think you have any real life experience to understand that.

Don’t mention France the fact that you understand that, and i even have to argue with you makes you look stupid, not as stupid as the hat in your picture but close.

As for the links i will back up my facts ASAP.
And last but not least. You will get to see for your self everything i have said is true. Asians have the ability to swamp this country and the fact that huge amounts of white man are breeding with another races with only sped that process up. But i think you already get what i mean. You just can’t get a white chick so you had to fuck a monkey instead. And i wont be correcting my spelling mistakes. Go fuck your self.
After that, I simply didn’t bother responding. Mr. Race was a raving lunatic, and to misquote Darp, “calling him batshit is an insult to bat guano fetishists everywhere; calling him fruitloops is an insult to anything fruity with a hole in the middle etc etc…” However, Mr. Race wasn’t done venting his spleen over me, and emailed me again, beginning with a reference to my profile picture:
Mr. Race: thank god you got rid pof the hat pic. Now grow a brain and save your culture. I dont want to have to repeat myself.

Mr. Beagle:I can image you wouldn't. Typing, when you only have bloody stumps from a life of knuckle-dragging, must be very difficult. I certainly haven't forgotten your cruel comments from our previous conversation. I must ask-what happened that turned you into such a monster? Did you white girlfriend dump you for a darkie? Mugged by a Lebo? Or was it good ol' neo-Nazi indoctrination from the cradle? Enlighten me.

Mr. Race:I am not a monster. Im doing your family a favour by standing up for our culture. You on the other hand are quite happy to keep your head in the sand. Lebo's gang up on aussies here all the time. We no longer own sydney your town will be next. One day you will see that your ideas are wrong. As for Hitler he went up against the bankers thats why he is known as the most eveil man to ever walk the face of this earth. Does nto matter that others have killed far more cause they dont have hollywood against them. I surpose you still beleive the globe is warming aswell. And i must say chack your spelling that last comment was bad even for you. And the picture of you and your sister is gross. Put the hat back on lefty.

Mr. Beagle: Stop referring to 'our' culture, as my culture is quite different to yours. Hitler may not have killed the most people, but as far as raw genocide goes, he is by far the worst. You don't try to exterminate an entire people in gas chambers and be seen as a hero for it. As for climate change, yes, I'd say it is happening. Pardon me for listening to those thousands of scientists who are presenting the evidence. Of course, given that you refer to black people as 'monkeys', you'd know all about ignoring science. Finally, that is a friend of mine, not a relative. I presume you thought we were siblings because it's quite obvious your parents were.

Mr. Race: You live here in australia as do i so we have the same culture.Raw genocide lol raw brainwashing more like it. Hitler had to lock the jews up as they are extremly sly and made germany lose the first world war so the allies would give them Israel. And thousands of scientists also agree that the globe stopped warming in 1998. Your tv wont teach you that so i geuse you will be wrong for a long time to come. In the 1970's we were going to freze to death in the 1990's we had a whole in the ozone now we have carbon taxing so we white people can pay third world shit wholes more money that they can waste with the badly corrupted countries. Listen to 2gb 873 am from sydney around the same time as now they can help your brainwashed ways. Seriously you just beleive every thing. You know santa's not real right.

Mr. Beagle: It's quite hilarious, you stating that I "just beleive [sic] every thing [sic]" whilst believing in ludicrous conspiracy theories. The first world war had bugger-all to do with Israel-that state was formed after the second world war. The ignorance, stupidity and hate, it burns.

Mr. Race: Ok look i get why you dont undrstand. But world war one and two were directly linked to The state of Israel. Did you think they just woke up one day and decided to invade Palistine. The jews were being sent there by hitler as well. The british controlled Palistine before the jews took over.

Now here is a lesson for you . 1n 1916 Germany was winning the war, the zionist jews offered the allies america if they gave them israel. Now how do you think they did that. Cause at the time american was very neutral. The media conned america and took her to war. And if you dont beleive it, research it and you will see that your brainwashed verion of history is far removed to what actually happen. I dont agree with the mass slaughter of any human beings but that does stopped you from thinking that just cause i dont agree with you.

Ok research this - its proven fact. Its not just from Nazie website. Your in the matrix now , take the plug out of your head and learn. This thing shows you realy have no idea about world history is these two words. Balfour Declaration ....

The ignorance, stupidity and hate, it burns. Funny fuck ,,,in other words baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you fucking sheep

Mr. Beagle: Or maybe Germany lost the war because it was fighting on two fronts (East and West). What is it with you and Jews? Can't you use a different scapegoat,just for a change?

Mr. Race: Ok please just refer to last point did you look into the balfour declaration at all. The media is whom taught you that anyone who says anything about the Jews are nuts, when realistically they have been causing trouble for hundreds of years look into the Russian revolution. But also go back to the part about world war one you have to understand how easy it is for the Jews with their media control to control us. It is obvious if you look into it. I do say racist comment, it come out of frustration from people like you whom are completely brainwashed. Our education system is a joke, our children run muck. Our movies are immoral our politicianwork for big business. Our music has five year old girls acting like strippers after watching lady gaga and britney spear, The Jews and the lefties are behind most if not all of that. Once you have had your bubble burst there is no turning back. Unless of course you don’t care about your country or people. Then all is lost with YOU. Not all Jews are bad. Just the Zionist. I have two friends whom are Jews. One of them agrees about this more then i do the other one is like you.
Again, after this, I didn’t bother. As it is quite clear, I regularly read FightDemBack!, and so have a rough idea of what constitutes the average neo-Nazi’s mind. To remisquote Darp, Mr. Race is as “mad as a cut snake. As a meat axe. Bananas. He’s a broken packet of biscuits, as ugly as a box of blowflies, and he couldn’t organise a root in a brothel. Of course, with an ideology that handles like a dog on lino, it’s no wonder he’s got kangaroos loose in the top paddock. Or to put it another way: the lights are on but nobody’s home (the mystery bag that passes for his brain is empty) and consequently he feels like a pork chop in a synagogue. And despite this bloke not being the full quid / a snag short of a barbie / a couple of tinnies short of a slab, he still claims to be as proud as a rat with a gold tooth!”

Thankfully, Mr. Race has found a new target to irritate, as he no longer sends random emails. The exchange, although brief, was a fascinating insight to a person who is governed by his basest, most regressive instincts humankind is capable of, whose mind is trapped within an inescapable maze of conspiracies, who blames everything wrong in his life on minority groups, and who would probably murder every Jew and person of colour he could find if he weren't such a sniveling coward hiding behind a pathetic screen name.

Here's hoping Mr. Race goes the way of Derek Vinyard.

* Middle name may spontaneously change depending on my whimsical tastes. As of now I like 'Delano' but Wilson, Walter, Raphael, Leonardo, Charlie, Woodrow and William are also possible.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tool of the Year 2009

Earlier this year, Military HQ hosted an ‘Unaustralian of the Year.’ Not to be outdone, I instead hosted ‘Tool of the Year 2008’, for that special someone who wasn’t simply Unaustralian, but a hypocrite and asshole to boot. The winner was Fred ‘Boobies are Satan’s pillowsNile, who had the gal to ruthlessly demonise the Muslim-Australian community, and then turn around and claim to be representing Muslim interests. Like I said, a hypocrite and an asshole.

As 2009 comes to an end, I need to pick another TOTY. There were a number of contenders (Rudd, Minchin, Nile again, Tuckey, ) but only one person could fulfill that vomit-inducing combination of tooliness.

Namely, Fred Nile, again. And for very similar reasons he won last year. It may seem unfair that Nile win again, given that Kevin “Should I commit to human rights for refugees, or try and peel some votes off the ‘Howard racists’ voting bloc? Too late-found the dog whistle!” Rudd certainly came close. However, Nile wins again simply for outdoing himself this year.

Recently, a CDP operative was revealed to have made a string of abusive and derogatory remarks about Muslims in a few email exchanges. If they were about Jews, he wouldn’t have been so much criticized as booted out of the country. The CDP went into damage control, with Nile himself saying the party “disassociates itself completely" from the comments, ''which we totally reject. No one deserves to be subjected to such language and insult.'' However, one should look at some of Freddy’s ideas about domestic policies and Muslims: ban them from the military, and deport them.

So the TOTY medal must to go Fred ‘dy Kruger’ Nile, for critisising a CDP member for remarks that are, although cruder, still no less ostracizing than his own writings. Maybe Nile should apply the Wallace test to himself, and then actually asking “WWJD” before revelling in his hatred of the Other.

However, Nile also receives the runner-up prize for TOTY, for his views on women. Fred says he is "concerned
about the sexual exploitation of women in our society." This 'concern' of course, is more about women having reproductive and sexual freedom than anything else. Nile states that the Greens "sexually objectify" women through their civil libertarian policies on sex, that that this is damaging to women. However, Nile has shown exactly what he thinks of women, regarding women serving in the military:
"Combat roles will also expose female soldiers to gunshot injuries, which could prevent them from being able to bear children."
Women: nothing they do or contribute towards society is more important than being a baby factory. This alone could win Nile TOTY 2010.

Hattip to Orville Strayan.