Saturday, March 14, 2009

More kittehs!!1!

Given how popular my previous pet post was (the comments almost made halfway to double digits!), here are some more photos for groupthinkers to 'awwww' over. Remember when I said that there were plenty of highly undignified photos of Miffany?
It's no trick of the light-she really is that fat.

Either very bored or very snobbish-I still can't tell.

And who could forget Meral?

Someone's been eating the ritalin-it's the only explanation for the permanently surprised look.

And to round up up the little bundles of scatty, sweet and cantankerous joy-Merlin.

You interrupt by bathtime for this? A photo?

Contortionist kitteh needs new chiropractor.

Quite possible the most undignified photo taken since this.

All this site needs is more sarcasm, and it'll be just like Anonymous Lefty (with more ethnically diverse kittehs).

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Anonymous said...

How pregnant are your cats?