Friday, March 20, 2009

Racists are like fundies...

...if just a touch less insane (which is still saying a lot).

From local Klansman party, the Australian Protectionist Party.

The brutal bashing of an young man at Sunshine train station, in Melbourne, has once again highlighted the problems of crime associated with the immigration of large numbers of black Africans into Australia. [1]
Because no white guy has ever raped, assaulted, robbed or murdered. EVER.
Professor Andrew Fraser warned us all in 2005 about these dangers, when he said “Experience practically everywhere in the world tells us that an expanding black population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems” [2]. Fraser was persecuted by the so-called “Human Rights” industry for telling the truth.
That's quite an ironic truth you have there, pal.
We must remember that societies become more and more authoritarian when they fall under the rule of regimes that push political multiculturalism and political correctness. Under Liberal-Labor’s politically-motivated multiculturalism laws, telling the truth can be illegal - but if we aren’t able to tell the truth, then who will?
Because allowing new arrivals to practice their own cultures (as compared to forcing migrants to assimilate to 'our' culture. Given that this multination consists of Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Pagans, Muslims, non-believers, Asians, Aborigines, Western and Eastern Europeans, Italians, Greeks, Saharan and sub-Saharan Africans, Indians and Sri lankans, I would love to know what 'our' culture consists of) is apparently authoritarianism.
Whilst every society, ethnic group and race all have a percentage of people that commit violent crimes, research shows us that this percentage is significantly higher amongst black African males; to be quite clear, this does not mean that all of them are violent criminals, but that - compared to the general population - a higher percentage of black African males are more likely to commit crimes of violence. This is a fact, as shown by crime statistics in countries such as Australia, England and the USA. [3]
The organisation that has produced this is the white supremist New Century Foundation. You'll excuse me for taking their findings with a ocean's worth of metaphorical salt.
Newspaper reports in Australia have confirmed the higher crime rates of black Africans. For instance, the Herald Sun revealed that whilst the general rate of alleged crimes was 1 in 85, the rate for Somalians was 1 in 23. Political multiculturalists may offer all sorts of excuses as to why the black African crime rate is so much higher, blaming poverty, war trauma, etc., but the fact remains that their crime rate is indeed higher. [4]
I found the page showing these statistics here (from Crikey). Given that the stats don't show how many people of each ethnic group live in Victoria, it's impossible to say how much of a percentage of Somal-Australians are involved in crime.
This is not a matter of faceless “statistics”, but of real people suffering as victims of crime - it is about real people being hurt, disabled and killed. These higher crime “statistics” could mean your brother is bashed, your sister is raped, or your friend is murdered. Higher crime rates are about real people.
Yes, that can happen. Anybody can bash or rape or murder.
If we can choose between bringing in immigrants from a European people with a low crime rate, or from an African people with a high crime rate, who would choose the high crime option?
This reminds me of a line from Wolverine to Magneto, from Ultimate X-men.

"You told us life was just a choice between man wiping us out and the homosapien holocaust you always wanted. But Charles Xavier offered me third option...teaching 'em we're all human!"
(italic emphasis mine)
The fact is that political multiculturalists are extremists. They would rather have thousands more Australians being bashed, raped or murdered, rather than admit their mistake and halt the immigration of black Africans.

Who is to blame? It is the politicians and multiculturalists who are the problem. It is high time that we dumped the extremist ideologies of political multiculturalism and political correctness. It’s time that we started to protect Australians - and protect our nation’s future.
Flock off, you Bullsucking Nazis. Your scare tactics failed when your American counterparts talked of the dangers of racial integration. It failed when you ranted on about the 'Asian invasion' during the 1970s. And it'll fail now.


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