Friday, July 25, 2008

Scum in human form

I've never particularly liked Andrew Bolt, as he comes off as a selfish, self-centered, hypocritical, cowardly, misogynistic turd in his columns (probably because that's precisely what he is). But for some reason I thought there something in there that could distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, etc.

Clearly I wasn't thinking properly. Recently there's been the tragedy of an infant being discovered dead in a bag at a bus stop. Personally, as I know almost nothing about it, I currently feel extremely sorry for both the baby and the parent/s who most likely have gone through the most terrible of ordeals and horrific circumstances to have had to abandon the infant.

What does ol' Shameless write about it?

Utterly tragic, but in some ways a grim metaphor:

Homicide Detective Senior Sergeant Ron Iddles said: “Sadly, about 5.30, a gentleman living on a rural property went out to put out his rubbish bins, went to a bus shelter and found a green shopping bag, looked in the bag and found the body of an infant or a baby, aged somewhere between one or two weeks and three months old.”

In the hysteria to “save” Earth from a warming that’s actually halted, we ignore a true and growing threat to children.

I'm not religious, but I try to live to the standard of compassion of "loving your enemies." And you know what? I can't. Bolt, you are pure and unadulterated evil. Go drag your knuckles back to the cave, because you clearly have yet to evolve what might pass for a conscience. You want to help the littlest children? Why don't you? Instead of posting bullsh*t on your blog every half hour, trying to use an abandoned infant to score cheap political points against your strawman environmentalists, why don't you go out to the soup kitchens? Hold fund raisers to help fight poverty? I don't know, maybe just something TO HELP FIGHT THE CAUSES AS TO WHY A BABY WAS ABANDONED AT A BUS STOP INSTEAD OF SMEARING GREENIES.

Who knows? You might even develop enough compassion to pass for a human (although I doubt it).

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Iain Hall said...

Mate you obviously have no bloody idea what it is to be a parent and As Andrew rightly points out nor do the parents of these abused and beaten children , and THAT is the point. Give the parents of these children more money and they will just buy more grog or more drugs.
If in the process Andrew gives a serve to the touchy feely greens it is because they deserve it.

Private Tom said...

What does have not being a parent have anything to do with my frickin' post?!

"Give the parents of these children more money and they will just buy more grog or more drugs."

Given that we currently no bugger-all about the infant's parents, maybe you'd like to NOT make crass, sweeping generalisations of the parents. You look like a asshole, otherwise.

Iain Hall said...

To read the piece in today's OZ,25197,24079631-601,00.html about deadbeat parents who privilege the bong over feeding and caring for their kids,I am not just making crass generalisations I have seen it with my own eyes, you are what? from your picture no more that twenty or so and i bet that you have no first hand experience of such things at all.
And actually having kids makes you realise how precious each of their lives are and just how angry we should be when children are abused and neglected in places like Macquarie Fields

Private Tom said...

I have no doubt that some parents out there are absolutely god-awful. However, you are making "crass generalisations" because we don't know who the baby's parents are.

For all we know, the mother or father could have been in a state of psychosis with no emotional or mental link to reality, and in this psychosis they abandoned their child. It might not have been sh*thouse parents but severely mentally ill ones who did this. Think about that.

Iain Hall said...

I think you have your priorities all wrong here Tom.
In the first instance why don't you feel some compassion for the real victim here, namely that poor dead child? That is a life cut short probably by neglect or abuse.How about some compassion for the man who found the body and will have to live with the image of that dead child in his dreams for a very long time .
How about some compassion for the police, Ambo's , pathologists and forensic investigators who will likewise be haunted by the fate of this child.Think too of the funeral directors who will have to prepare the body for the decent burial that its parent would have denied it.
Now I can find a small amount of compassion for the parent/s of this child but only after I have found it for all of the others above. So perhaps as you are in the Nursing profession (or aspire to be) you should pay a visit to the mortuary of a large hospital and just contemplate for a while just how the death of a child affects people, and think about who the real victim is in this instance.
I know that it is very fashionable in the leftist circles to denounce Andrew Bolt for anything he may say but how about you consider that in this instance he is writing from the heart and showing more compassion for those who need and deserve it than you are.

Private Tom said...

When did I say I didn't have compassion for the baby, the person why him/her, and everybody else involved? Of course I do. The reason I was singling our the parents is because so many people will be calling them shocking parents (which they might be) when we still know nothing. It could have been horrific circumstances and they might still be grieving, which is why I'm showing compassion to them (obviously if they were just crap, selfish parents, the compassion would just vanish).

BTW-Andrew Bolt...compassionate? When did he show the slightest compassion? All he did was use the tragedy of an abandoned infant to slag off against environmentalists.
As Tobias said, "The fact is that Andrew Bolt, upon hearing of a horrifying and tragic discovery and a death that clearly needs to be investigated, saw it as an opportunity."